Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Becca's 3rd Birthday!


Today was Becca's third birthday. My baby is 3! Amazing! We had a nice day. I had to go grocery shopping, so I let Becca pick out a toy to buy. She chose those crazy 'velvet posters.' She LOVES to color with markers. She ended up getting 4 posters to color and a big handful of new markers to color with. It was heaven. Of course, after a few minutes of coloring she asked Anna to take over and color for her. Anna was pleased with that.


For dinner Becca begged to go to Sweet Tomatoes, William's favorite place in the world. We had a good time. After eating a little salad together we let her open some of her gifts. Then we ate a little desert and headed home to open the rest of the presents.


She was really happy, especially with the magnetic dolls from Grammy. We had a little trouble getting her to bed in the end. I made her a batch of GF, DF, EF pumpkin muffins with frosting. But they were still hot at bedtime. So she got all ready for bed and then headed back down to try one. She loved it. At least until the frosting was gone. But that's how she feels about any cupcake.
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