Monday, January 03, 2011

Been Booed?

At Halloween, we were Booed. I debated for several days who to pass it on to. The rules state that you must act quickly, but I'm not good at that. Finally I decided on two neighbors, one a church member and one not. I made the cookies and plated them. After getting the kids to bed, I slipped out of the house and over to the next-door neighbor (non-member). Their house was mostly dark, but a light was on in the upstairs master bedroom, so I knocked loud and ran for it to hide behind one of the trees in my yard. I waited for a while but they never came. So I headed across the street to hit the next neighbor. They didn't seem to answer either, although they have teen-agers, so they were probably just out. I went home feeling like a cookie-dropping failure and started cleaning the kitchen. A few minutes later the phone rang. It was the next-door neighbor.

"Was it you?" she asked.

"Maybe," I said, not wanting to outright admit to it, but figuring it was pretty obvious. She told me what had happened.

When I "pounded on the door like a mad-man," their 2 golden retreivers had totally gone ballistic. J. came downstairs to see what was up and, looking out the window on the door saw no one there. The dogs didn't stop and the knocking had been pretty demanding, so he started to think the worst - someone was prowling around their house. He checked all the doors and then called the neighbor one house down, a guy with military training and equipment. J. told R. his fears and asked the neighbor to come check things out. R. gathered up his gear and headed over. He did a full circuit of the house before coming up the front porch and observing the plate of Halloween sugar cookies. He had quite a laugh. Then, he knocked on the door and showed them to J.

So, is doorbell-ditching to leave treats a "Mormon" thing?

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Trevor said...

Awesome story!