Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christmastime 2010

We didn't take a lot of photos during our trip to Utah at Christmas. It wasn't that we didn't enjoy seeing our family. We just all ended up sick. Really sick. I'm still sick as I write this a month later. Several of the family members were sick when we arrived and we took it over. Anna and I got sick a couple days after Christmas. Fevers, coughs, runny noses, body aches. It was pretty miserable. We took a lot of tylenol and cough syrup and did a lot of resting.



While Anna and I were miserable, Kip took William and Becca to do things with the family, like this trip to the Mrs Fields Cookie Factory. They had a good time.

The flight home was tough. We all were congested. Our ears were miserable in spite of the gum.

I got my first experience flying next to someone who was terrified of airplanes. It was interesting trying to help him relax. I've never been afraid of flying. I've always figured that I am such a bad driver that statistically the chances of me getting hurt on a flight are way lower than the chances of me getting hurt in the car. And so far I've almost exclusively hit stationary things. And flying is so much faster than driving. Yeah, I'll take an airplane ride over a cross-country road trip with young kids any time.

We made it through the flight just fine, although we were a lot later than we should have been after having to wait through plane de-icing. It was good to get home and continue to recover.
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