Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Anna's Blessing - Saturday

On Friday night Grandma, Aunt Tasha, and Uncle Cory arrived. So, on Saturday we took everyone to breakfast at Tom’s Pancake House (the best breakfast in Beaverton) and then headed out to Tillamook. We toured the cheese factory and then played at the beach in Oceanside. It was a nice day on the beach. It was cool – in the 60s – and the water was cold, but we enjoyed it. William ran out into the waves and nearly got bowled over. For some reason this didn’t make him happy this time. I’m guessing it’s because the water was too cold. After that first mishap, he refused to go near the water at all for a while, which is very uncharacteristic of him. Then, he would only go with someone who could guarantee that he wouldn’t get wet. But he enjoyed himself dumping buckets of water Daddy brought him into the sand. Anna did fine sitting in Cory and Ang’s stroller for a while, then we resorted to the rented minivan to feed her and let her relax out of the cold.

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