Sunday, October 23, 2005

Camping with William

I took William on our first Fathers and Sons outing this weekend. We had a blast! I miss camping with my Scouts. But camping with a son is even cooler! We started out at 6pm and stopped at "Amy's Burger Shack" for dinner. Leaving there William was cranky, so I popped in 'Toy Story' and he was happy as a clam for the 1.5 hour drive to Camp Clark (11 miles south of Tillamook on the coast). I love that van! Kristin said I could take it as long as I didn't get it dirty... I complied, sort of. I don't think she's looked too closely at the van since I brought it back.

We made it in time for the campfire (aka fireside with actual fire), where the Bishop said to check out the stars from the beach. Upon which William repeated over and over, "Want to go to the beach". Those who have a 2 year old know that resistance is futile. The stars were beautiful on the beach, and I managed to keep William out of the water... that night.

The next day we ate breakfast and headed to the beach. At first we played in the sand and kept dry, but it wasn't too long before we were walking out when the waves went out and then running from the waves as they rolled back in. This beach had a shallow incline, so the waves rolled a LOOOONNNNG way and I got a major workout hauling William up and down the beach. But we soon got caught by a few waves and then all restraints were lost. We got soaked jumping in the waves to smash the foamy bubbles that rolled in. One boy got in the water with us... until his dad saw him and chewed him out... oops. I suppose I should have been a more responsible parent, but I had as much fun as William did playing in the water.

William and I loved our trip! I am looking forward to many more Fathers and Sons outings to come. I love that boy!

We missed Kristin and Anna. I heard some stories about mothers crying when their boys left. Kristin was dancing round shouting, "Party! Party!" She even thanked me the day before... "Thanks for taking William camping tomorrow." Glad I could make her so happy.

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corgela said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun. It sounds like William had just as much fun as you did. Your pictures are beautiful!