Thursday, October 13, 2005

Feeling Sick

I have officially fallen to William’s cold. He’s been sick for what seems like forever. He started having problems sleeping last Monday. By Friday he had a runny nose. Sunday he was absolutely miserable. I wasn’t feeling too great that day either, but I was hoping that I wouldn’t suffer anything more than a runny nose and stuffy head. As it was, the official anniversary of my birth (October 9th – Sunday) was not the best day. William was grumpy and in pain. We loaded him up with all the medicines that are legal, but it seemed to bring little relief. All he did was cry and whine and beg to watch movies. I was exhausted but William refused to nap and, if he wasn’t napping, he had to have my full attention. Kip went to church since he had to teach that day, but he came home early to give me a break. I got a decent nap and enjoyed watching Kip suffer with William the rest of the day. It turned out to be an OK birthday. And it helped that we had gone out to eat the night before (got a babysitter and everything!) and had celebrated at Game Night on Friday.

So, Monday night I started feeling even worse. By Tuesday morning, I had decided that William was justified in his constant whining and difficulty sleeping if he felt as bad as I did. Of course, I still think he should have taken naps. During the day Tuesday I lost my voice. This made it difficult when I watched my friend’s 18-month-old (Isaac) for 2 ½ hours that afternoon. But we managed. During the night, I woke with an extremely soar throat. While still trying to find relief from that and get back to sleep, William woke up. He asked for juice and before I went to get it I tried to cover him up. Sometimes, this allows him to go back to sleep before I get the bottle to him. Last night, this caused him to explode into screams of rage that lasted for 5 solid minutes. I tried to say comforting things to him, but he couldn’t hear my whispers over his cries, so there was nothing I could do. I sat in the rocking chair in his room with a bottle until he calmed down enough to take it from me and drink it. Then, he went back to sleep without another complaint. Of course, his screaming woke Anna in the other room, so I got to stay up another 15 minutes feeding her and getting her back to bed. It was just enough time for me to finish the throat lozenge I was sucking on. Today, we’re wasting more time in front of the TV, but I just don’t have the energy to get William to do anything else. I keep wishing he would fall asleep and I could take a nap, too. Meanwhile, Anna is cooing and smiling in her bouncy seat or napping on the floor and seems to be doing well. I’m hoping she inherited her dad’s healthiness and won’t get sick at all.

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