Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Anna's Blessing - Sunday

On Sunday we all got dressed up and headed to church. With 8 adults and 3 children in our little three-bedroom house, you can bet it was a little crazy. Luckily, church starts at 1:00, so we had time to get everything done…well, mostly. We made it to church early enough to get soft seats, but we didn’t manage to get a photo of the whole family together with Anna in her blessing dress.

The blessing went well. Kip is still getting teased about how much height Anna got from Kip bouncing her while saying the blessing. The Bishop says the distance traveled by the bouncing baby is proportional to the length of the father’s arms from elbow to wrists. Kip’s got a lot of length there. His brothers said they could hardly keep their hands on her she went up so high on the upswing. In any case, the blessing was perfect. Anna was promised all the right things from health and testimony to being a good mother herself one day. A nice sister in the ward even wrote out a lot of what was said so I could keep it in her file.

Everyone left us on Monday. It was sad to see them go and I missed them a lot. Our house was suddenly a lot quieter and poor William was suddenly a lot lonelier.

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