Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Chocaholic Daughter

We got some vanilla cup-cakes with chocolate frosting from the Halloween Phantom. William ate a good dinner tonight so he got to have a cup-cake. Anna stopped eating her peas and had a freak-out session pointing at William's cup-cake. So I grabbed one and started to share with her. She wasn't wearing a bib and I broke off the bottom of the cup-cake so there'd be no frosting mess. She picked up the cake piece, dropped it, and pointed at the chocolate frosting covered top that I was eating. I took her cake piece and wiped some frosting on it. She grabbed it back and snarfed it down like cookie monster. I'm so proud of her! She managed to get chocolate frosting on her face, hands, and in her armpit!

1 comment:

rubysunflower said...

I know where she got THOSE genes!