Saturday, October 28, 2006

RSS Feed?

"What's that?" you might be asking. Chad told me he just opens all the family blogs in his browzer and looks for new stuff. But if you suffer from long term memory loss like me, there is another way... RSS feeds to the rescue!

All these blogs have a built in RSS feed. Most email programs (and even Mac Safari for my Macophile friends) have the option to open the feed and download "new" posts that you haven't read. Plus you can click the link to get to the actual blog and post comments.

So if you are interested, my RSS feed is "" All the other blogs on blogspot use the same format. http://blogname/atom.xml

Good luck! Feel free to post a comment ranking this entry on a scale of 1-10. 1 = I knew all this stuff you dork. 10 = You are the coolest techno-geek out there (apart from Josh Nintedo-Boy Bancroft).


Mr. & Mrs. PacMan said...

We did the whole RSS thing for a couple of months but whenever I went to the RSS site and read the posting, the computer would mark that we had already seen it. Angie would log on and never see that there were any new RSS feeds and thus never checked out anyone site. PLUS one of the blogs that we go to doesn't have an RSS feed set up so we were still having to manually open his up anyway. SO I'm giving your posting a 3. Already knew it and it didn't work very well for us. We went back to opening all the blogs up in tabs and reading the new ones that way. It is just as easy as the RSS feeds.

Josh Bancroft said...

Your experience with RSS depends a great deal on what aggregator/reader you use. I highly recommend an online aggregator like Google Reader ( or Bloglines ( Both are free, easy to set up, and accessible from any computer on the web. Bonus points: mobile-friendly versions of both allow you to read your feeds on your cell phone/pda/PSP/UMPC/whatever. :-)

Oh, and I'm honored to have been mentioned on the Geek Scale. Remind me to show you my orange "RSS Feed Evangelism" Crocs sometime. ;-)