Saturday, October 28, 2006

Primary Stress

Last Sunday was our ward's Primary Program. As the presidency member in charge of the program (compiling, assigning parts, running practices), this was a bit of a stressful time for me. There are about 90 kids in our primary which means a lot of them don't get individual parts. In fact, since I am a procrastinating minimalist, that meant A LOT of them didn't get parts. Since I'm also an appreciator of fine music, I threw in a couple of really pretty, lesser-known songs, which added to the stress of everyone involved.

If things weren't already stressful enough, Anna went and got sick the Thursday before the presentation. She got a miserable cold and on Friday it developed into her signature eye infection. Off to the doctor we went. They gave us an eye drop prescription. She also had the possible start of an ear infection. I was given a prescription for that and told to fill it only if the ear seemed to become infected (ie high fever again, lots of crying and pulling at ears). That night was the second where she wouldn't sleep unless held in my arms in the rocking chair. And her fever went high again. So Saturday I ran her to the neighbor's house (the dad is a physician's assistant) and the ear was indeed infected.

We filled prescriptions that day and continued frequent doses of pain meds and dealt with yet another day of clingon-Anna. Kip let her fall asleep in his arms Saturday night while I ran the program practice, which went surprisingly well. Sunday, Kip brought the kids to church just in time for the Sacrament (I had needed to be early, of course). They enjoyed the program. I was quite pleased with it. The kids really pulled through in the end. They sang very well and we got a lot of positive comments from people in the ward. We were told that people liked the simplicity of the presentation and that the songs were performed well. So, procastination and minimalism can sometimes lead to something positive!

I took Anna home right after Sacrament meeting. William stayed and had a wonderful time in Nursery. (He even prayed about it that night.) Amazingly, he never got sick with whatever Anna had. Although, our friend Emma seems to have picked up the eye infection. (She spent the night Friday while her mom recovered from gall bladder surgery.) Sorry, Rachel. And now Anna is doing much better and things are getting more relaxed.

Tonight is the first concert of our orchestra season. The music is good and I hope to perform well. I just wish there were more time to practise. Time when Anna isn't clinging to my legs and crying up at me. I think, though, that she does wonders for my ability to concentrate.

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