Sunday, October 22, 2006

New Calling - EEK!

Kristin told the Primary President that I was bored in my calling ... I said no such thing. But word got out, and I am the new Venture Advisor! That's the priest age scouting program since 1998 in case you were wondering. And yes, venturing is the best kept secret in the church. I went to training yestereday and was amazed to discover that Venture Crews have different uniforms, and awards and ranks. No brown khaki shirt or Eagles here. Instead it's green shirts (venture crews can be co-ed outside the church) and they work on the bronze, gold, and silver badges instead. Check this out if you are curious. Of course they can finish up their Eagle if they want to.

At first I panicked, but now I'm excited. I really loved all my scouting days with Troop 1072 deacons. I'm lookin' forward to lots of fun times with these boys. Our first campout is in mid November. Campin' in cold, rainy Oregon should be a new experience - compared to all the summer Utah desert camping I used to do.

I guess I'm gonna have to get that trailer hitch installed on our minivan after all.


Mr. & Mrs. PacMan said...

It actually sounds like it will be a lot of fun. I mean, who could go wrong when they get to wear green instead of brown.

Mr. & Mrs. PacMan said...
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