Monday, September 29, 2008

The BEST tin-foil dinner ever!!

Wednesday night I violated the washington county no-burn restriction and did a backyard campfire for my Webelos. We made tin-foil dinners, cooked em up, and ate. This was the first time I put cream of chicken soup in mine and it was delicious! The funny thing was I used the exact same leftover ingredients in a pot when I got home and it just didn't taste that great. Maybe it has something to do with waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for the food to cook on the fire that makes it tasted better... kinda like the meal you eat after fasting (I've never tasted water this good...).

One of the boys wanted just a hot dog in his foil. I forced him to put some potatoes and carrots in, but he didn't eat them. Oh well.

So if you have any stupendous tin-foil dinner recipes I'd love to hear them...

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Dina said...

Um, that was my kid! :)