Saturday, September 06, 2008

You-Pick Farm

On August 28th I took the kids to a you-pick farm. I found one online that had animals to look at and fresh peaches to pick. Unfortunately, the animals were really stinky and the peaches weren't that great. But the kids got the chance to see a real-live, dirty, smelly farm in action. There were BIG pigs, baby pigs and baby chicks, chickens, roosters, a pregnant goat, and 3 horses. And there was lots of manure, spiders, dust, and dirt. My friends Rachel and Amanda were good enough to come along. I don't know that they'll trust me to pick activities anymore. The climb up the hillside to the peach trees with strollers, babies, and kids nearly did us all in and the general dirtiness of everything made us want to pull out the hoses and spray everything down.

The crew coming out of the pig barn.

William and Ian got to show off the rubbery hand-chair.

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