Friday, September 12, 2008

More Politics

Warning: anti-Republican-smear-campaign comments included. Not unbiased.

I found this article,"Blizzrd of Lies," through a comment on a friend's blog. I thought it hit the nail on the head. I wouldn't say the Democrats are without fault, but I was absolutely disgusted by what I watched of the RNC on the night of Palin's presentation. The cruel and untrue comments by Guiliani and Palin turned me completely against the Republican party. Maybe it's just something about me, but when someone spends so much energy belittling others, I lose respect for them. Listening to Guiliani and Palin reminded me of those boys in high school who felt the need for constant cruelty to others - picking on the nerds or those with developmental issues, using sarcasm and snide comments to make everyone else look bad. I could never stand them. I took the time to research some of the things Guiliani said about Obama and found that they were either entirely false or presented in a way to make them appear negative when in reality they weren't. It makes me mad even now thinking about his speech. Well, the article says it better. Why do politicians think it's OK for them to lie to suit their designs? What does this say about the leaders we choose for our nation? And the fact that we blindly support them in it?

There's my soap-box for the day.

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Kevin said...

Couldn't agree more. And, while I'd like to like Palin, and the hope for a woman in the White House, she creeps me out.

Hope you're all doing well--sounds like Seattle was fun.