Monday, September 29, 2008

School Kids

Our little ones are back in school. (OK, I'm a little late posting this. They started at the beginning of September.) William is in Kindergarten every afternoon from 12:30-3. Although we live a block from the school, he gets to ride the mid-day bus with some of the other kindergarteners in the area. It picks him up right outside the house and then drives farther away to get more kids. There are usually 3 other kids on it when he gets on. Sometimes he sits with one of them, sometimes he gets his own seat and waves at me while the bus pulls away. He loves his bus driver, who is very funny and makes them all laugh with his comments about Yogi Bear.

Anna is in Preschool at Young Learner's Preschool on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at almost exactly the same time as William. Technically, William starts at 12:35 and gets out at 3:05. Anna is in class from 12:30-3 officially. William tends to reach the exit of the school with his class a little before 3 (so the little kids can get on buses first and walkers can get picked up by their moms). Anna gets out a little after 3. I get to the elementary school early with Becca and wait for William, as soon as he's out, we rush to the car parked in the neighborhood just to the side of the school and drive like mad to get to Young Learner's in time to get Anna before she gets too bored with waiting for me.

Both kids really love school. Anna has no trouble being left at the door. She hasn't given me a second glance once when I've dropped her off. William is enjoying the bus rides and loving his class as well. He told his teacher, Mr B, that he already knew all the zoo-phonics and would gladly help him teach them to the rest of the class. He's a big helper.

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